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Hillcrest Hearing & Balance Center was established in 1964 in order to assure a high standard of professional service for patients needing hearing aids. Our unique professional relationship with the physicians of Southwest Ohio ENT Specialists has always set Hillcrest apart from most other hearing aid dispensers and ensures our patients the highest standard of care.

The professional staff at Hillcrest Hearing & Balance Center continues to serve the Miami Valley community by providing the latest advances in hearing aid and assistive listening technology, offering quality diagnostic services and promoting hearing health awareness to our patients and our community. We look forward to serving your hearing health care needs.

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Cochlear Implant Patient Journey

Featured interviews from:

  • Dr. William Turner, MD: ENT/Surgeon, Southwest Ohio ENT Specialists
  • Cathy Kooser: LISW and Cochlear Implant Patient, Hillcrest Hearing & Balance Center
  • Mary Beth Mihalick AuD: Cochlear Implant Audiologist, Hillcrest Hearing & Balance Center
  • Linda McGinnis: Pediatric Cochlear Implant Audiologist, Dayton Children’s Audiology Manager
  • Ron and Julie Kerg: Parents of two bilateral cochlear implant recipients, Isaac and Cooper Kerg
  • John Barber: Cochlear Implant Recipient
  • Susan Barber: John Barber’s wife
  • Greg Hanlin: John Barber’s co-worker

Produced by Ben Heider | Frankly Benjamin Productions
Additional Camerawork by Kevin Heider | Lake Road Media, LLC
Original Music by Noah Rauch