A Nonsurgical Treatment for Snoring!

Injection snoreplasty involves the relatively painless injection of a hardening agent into the upper palate (the area above your throat in the back of your mouth), to promote stiffening which effectively treates snoring that is typically caused by the fluttering of tissues of the back of the throat.

Is Injection Snoreplasty Right for You?

Evaluation of the upper airway is a necessary first step in deciding whether this procedure is suitable. Sleep-disordered breathing, such as sleep apnea or other conditions could contribute to snoring. The specific reasoning for your snoring should be discussed in an initial assessment before considering Injection Snoreplasty as an option. Studies have not confirmed Injection Snoreplasty as beneficial treatment for sleep apnea conditions.

Procedure and Expectations

The procedure is done in the office. Allow 30 minutes. The doctor will use a topical anesthesia to numb the back of the throat. A small amount of sclerosing fluid is injected in the palate at the base of the uvula.

There will be a minor sore throat at the roof of the mouth at the site of the injection. Some patients may take longer than others to feel relief from this injection. There are no voice or dietary changes. The palate and/or uvula will feel swollen for a while. Pain medications may be ordered after the procedure. Patients may return to work or home the same day. Snoring improvement may not be noticeable immediately because it takes time for the palate tissue to scar and contract, thereby reducing the vibration causing the sound.